Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY French Manicure

 So this past weekend I had formal (sorority prom pretty much), and instead of going out and getting my nails done I decided to give myself a french manicure, I've been doing it this way for a while now and have really gotten the hang of it. It is super easy and doesn't take much time to do!

Materials needed:

  1. Hole reinforcers (white circle stickers used to fixed a ripped hole for a piece of paper)
  2. White Nail Polish
  3. Nude/Light Pink Nail Polish
  4. Clear/Topcoat Nail Polish
  5. Q-Tips
  6. Finger Nail Polish Remover
The nail polishes that I used in this tutorial are in the pictures below.

First things first have your nails shaped the way you want them and how long you want them to be. Next you want to place the stickers on your nail. Place them below your nail line, I did mine pretty far down because I wanted a little thicker tip this time, but it all depends on your preference. After you have all your stickers on your nails they should look like this.

Next you are going to use your white finger nail polish and paint the tips of your nails, using the stickers as your outline. Do one coat of the white, let it dry, then do another coat of white again, so you have a thick layer of white. Your nails should look like this once the white has been painted on. 

Once your white nail polish is dry slowly take off each sticker from your nails. The tips will not look perfect, but they will soon! Your nails should look like this when you take the stickers off.

Now it's time to shape the tips. Take about 5-6 Q-tips (one tip for each nail). Dip the Q-tip in nail polish remover, then take the Q-tip and shape the tips. 

This takes some practice for your opposite writing hand. Get the excess polish off the corners of your nail and the excess that came up when the sticker came off.  Rub the Q-tip along the rough line and it should start shaping up. Once you are done your nails should look like this.

Now put the nude/light pink nail polish on the entire nail, even the white tip. You will only do one coat of this color polish. Let the nail polish dry and your nails should look like this.

Once the nude is all dry, put the clear/topcoat on the entire nail and let it dry. Your french manicure is now complete!! This should last you for about a week, if you aren't too rough with them. I get a ton of compliments on these, many people think I went and got them done professionally, pssh! Just saved $15+ on it, I hope you all enjoy!!! :)

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