Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cheap, Easy, and Delicious Bean Dip Recipe!

So this weekend I had a few friends over to my place and I decided to make something really quick, so I went to the store and spent less than $5 on this super easy Bean Dip. I hope you all enjoy it :)

Bean Dip Recipe
A 16 oz can of Fat Free Refried Beans
2 cups of Salsa
1 cup of Sour Cream
Bag of Tortilla Chips

Put all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix it, until all the ingredients are incorporated together. Enjoy with a bag of Tortilla Chips. Extremely easy, yet so good!

Below are the ingredients I used and the prices for them to show you how cheap this dip really is.

Can of Fat Free Refried Beans - 89 cents

 Jar of Salsa - $2

 Sour Cream - 99 cents

Bag of Tortilla Chips - 99 cents

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale!

I don't know about you, but I really only get stuff from Victoria's Secret when it's on-sale, especially during the semi-annual sale. So the semi-annual sale started January 2nd and I completely forgot that it had started and went to Victoria's Secret right when I got off of work that day. It was crazy at the first VS I went to, but I got in and out as fast as possible and went to a second VS because some things that are on sale vary store to store. I spent a lot of money, and will continue to, because this sale goes on until the end of the month! I have gotten mainly a lot of fragrances, because if you know me personally I'm the perfume princess, I'm addicted to them. Anyway here is everything I have gotten so far, if I get more things I will make sure to post them!

Lip Gloss - FREE :)
Clutch - FREE :)

 So I asked my brother to get me a Victoria's Secret gift card for Christmas, so I would have more money to spend on the sale. I guess they were having a deal when you bought a gift card from them you got gifts with it. So I got a Shiny Kiss lip gloss in Strawberry Fizz and a black shimmer clutch for free with my gift card! The lip gloss was originally $9 and the clutch was $58, pretty good deal if I say so myself!

Body Spray - $9.00
The first item I got was this body spray from the PINK line, it is called Hard To Get. There were two other fragrances from this line, and out of all of them this was my favorite scent. Funny thing is, it was really hard to find this scent, so they were running out quick. This was originally $18, but I got 50% off.

Body Spray - $9.00

Next item I got was another body spray also from the PINK line and this one is called Make It Shine. There was also two other fragrances in this collection, and I liked this one the most out of all three. It was originally $18, but it was 50% off.

Lotion and Body Spray Gift Set - $10.00

The next item I got was this gift set of mini body lotions and body sprays. In the set there are three different scents in it, which are Secret Charm, Sheer Love, and Endless Love. I like having little bottles of lotion and body spray so I can easily carry it around with me. I made sure I liked all of the scents, and I did, all of them smell very clean and fresh. This was actually the last gift set of this kind. It was originally priced at $20, I got 50% off and got it for $10!

 Body Spray - $12.50

The next item I got was the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Sparkle Edition Body Spray. I am literally obsessed with Bombshell, it is probably one of my favorite scents from VS. I absolutely love it. I thought at first there was glitter in it, but when I asked a worker she said that there is no glitter, it is just a special edition of bottles with shimmer on it. When I found that out I had to get this, I already have a full bottle of Bombshell in the perfume form, but I have been wanting to get it in body spray. This was originally $25, but I got 50% and got it for $12.50.

Perfume - $12.50

The next item I got was the Body By Victoria Perfume. This scent smells so good on, and is very strong (which I like). The first day of the sale I really liked this scent, but I thought it was still a little high in price, well I'm glad I waited. It was 50% off the first day of the sale, and when I went in yesterday it was 75% off! It was originally $49, but I got it for $12.50.

Perfume Gift Set - $30.00

The last fragrance item I got was this beauty! I was very excited when I saw this was on sale. I have been wanting to get this perfume for the longest time, and it finally went on-sale! This is the Nior Tease perfume set, it has a 1.7 oz bottle of the Nior Tease perfume, a mini bottle of the perfume, a bottle of lotion, and a bottle of body wash. If you bought all this stuff separately it would cost $92, this gift set was priced at $60 I got 50% off of it and got it for $30. This perfume smells exactly like Juicy Couture's perfume Viva La Juicy, which is one of my favorite perfumes ever!

All the items above is everything I got myself, I also bought a few apparel items for my step mom for her birthday, because she is obsessed with the PINK line.

Tank Top - $9.99

This is a pink and white striped tank top from the PINK line. Originally $20, it was 50% off so it was only $9.99.

V-Neck Top - $9.99

This is a blue v-neck top also from the PINK line. Originally priced at $20, it was 50% off so it was only $9.99.

Zip-up Hoodie - $19.95

This is a gray zip-up hoodie from the PINK line. It was originally $35, but was on sale for $19.95.

That is everything I have bought ... so far! If I find anymore really good deals I promise I will post them. I hope you all enjoyed and go out and get some of these sweet deals! :)

Sooooo I went shopping some more at the Semi-Annual Sale and picked up a few more items. Here they are :)

Body Spray - $6.25
 First thing I picked up was the Victoria's Secret London Body spray. I didn't think I liked it when I first smelled it, but after a while I really started to love it. It was originally $25 and I got 75% off of it.

Body Lotion - $5.00
The next item I picked up was the Body by Victoria lotion. I already have the perfume from my pervious shopping spree there and I fell in love with it, so I decided to buy the lotion because it was also 75% off.

Body Lotion - $3.00
The next item I picked up was the Brillant Love lotion with Diamond Dust in it. This item I got as a present for someone else, but I actually like the smell myself, however I am not that big of a fan of glitter in my lotions. It was originally $12, and I got 75% off of it.

Lip Gloss - $2.25
The next item I got was this lip gloss by Beauty Rush, a lot of the ones had glitter in them and I was not a fan of them. I finally found this one after digging through the bin and I am very satisfied with the color. It was originally $9 and I got 75% off of it.

Lip Gloss - $2.25
The last item I picked up from the sale was this Peppermint flavored lip gloss. I love when lip glosses have a mint flavor because they taste yummy and smell good. This was one of the last of the Peppermint, they had a ton of Cinnamon flavor left also. The lip gloss was originally $9 and I got 75% off of it.

Now this item is not from Victoria's Secret, but it is from its sister store Bath and Body Works and it was too good of a deal to pass up.
Body Spray - $4.00
This is the Twilight Woods body spray, and this is probably one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works, so when I saw it on sale I knew I had to get it. It was originally $14, and I got $10 off of it.