Monday, March 14, 2016

How I Curl My Hair

Where do I even begin? I have been curling my hair like this for quite some time and I'm finally going to let you in on my secrets :) 

First things first, the products and styling tools I use!

Hair Spray:

Herbal Essences - Hold Me Softly Hairspray Fixatif

You can find this at any major store, for less than $4 and lasts a long time. It smells amazing and doesn't leave my hair crunchy at all! They have it in a can version also, tried it before and I hated it. 

Curling Wand:

Bed Head Small Talk Curling Wand, 3/4 inch

I got my curling wand last summer at ULTA for super cheap, I think it was less than $20. Well I have had several people ask which wand I use. So I looked into it, and it looks like they no longer make this particular wand :( which is sad because this thing is AMAZING! I hate the wands that have the barrel that goes from big to small. I have tried several different ones and my hair never seems to stay and I feel like I am fighting to keep my hair wrapped around the wand. So when I found this straight 3/4 inch wand I was SO happy. Another thing I like about it is that it has an end piece, so I can hold onto it while holding my curl. I feel like I burn myself way more when I don't have an end piece. 

*It looks like you can still get this wand online at Amazon, but for way more than what I paid for mine.

** I did find the same brand/type of wand in a 1 inch. Which isn't much bigger than the one I use. It is currently at Target for less than $20!!

Curling Process:

1. When I know I am going to be curling my hair for work or for when I go out, I will always leave my hair in a braid. It tames my hair and gives it a little wave, which I feel really helps my curls last.

2. Once my hair has been in a braid for a few hours or overnight, I take the braid out and brush my hair. 

3. I section my hair based off my part, then I set aside each side of my hair over my shoulders.

4. I start with the right side of my hair because I have a lot more hair on that side based on the way I part my hair.

5. Starting at the back of the right side of my hair, I take a chunk of hair and separate it. I put the rest of my hair up in the front with a clip.

***Depending on how loose or tight I want my curls, depends on how small or big the section I take. Lately I have been doing looser curls/waves, so I take sections that are bigger than an inch.

6. Taking over an inch section of hair, I curl the section of hair away from my face. I normally hold the hair for at least 30 seconds. If I have a really big piece of hair I will leave it on longer.

7. When done, I let the curl cool while I curl the rest of the section of my hair.

8. Once done with that section of hair, I spray it with hair spray and continue this process until I am completely done with my hair. It normally takes me about 15-20 minutes to curl my entire head, because I curl it into bigger chunks.

When you are done curling your hair, the curls will be very tight and curly. They should look like this:

*I allow my curls to completely cool while I finish getting ready.

When I am done getting ready and am completely dressed I run my fingers all through the curls to break them up. Sometimes I'll even do a hair flip or two if they are too curly for me. When done I'm done finger combing through my hair, I spray hair spray one more time and my hair looks like this:

* Sorry for all the selfies... clearly I was feeling myself ;) But who wouldn't, with curls like these??

I hope you enjoy, until next time.

<3 Em

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