Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Pearl Bobby Pins

Hey guys! Sorry it's taken sooooo long to do another blog post, school has been taking up a lot of my time lately. Anyway I went alum from my sorority about two semesters ago and I decided to make a little gift for all the girls to remember me. I was searching all over for an easy way to make a hair pin and this idea came to me when I went shopping for the materials. These were seriously so cheap and didn't take very long to make! 


Pearl Beads
$3.99 at WalMart

Bobby Pins
$2.00 at Walmart

You will also need a hot glue gun!


First you want to go ahead and have your hot glue gun ready to go. 

I started out gluing each bead individually on the bobby pin and I realized it was going to take FOREVER so I decided I would glue the beads together first.

  So I hot glued 5 beads together, because that is how many would fit on each bobby pin.

Once you have glued all the beads together it's time to hot glue them to a bobby pin.

I put hot glue on each bobby pin and then stuck the already glued together beads on it. I squeezed the beads and the bobby pin together until the hot glue was done cooling off. When it is your pearl bobby pin is complete!

All you have to do is repeat the above steps if you are going to be making more than one! I made 95 of these bad boys so it took me a while to finish all of them, but I was very satisfied with how they all turned out.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and I promise I will start posting more!

<3 Em

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  1. I love this idea!